Tuesday, July 15, 2014

moving on...

 well we've moved...officially, mentally, financially, physically...any other "ally" you want to thrown in there...

it was a whirlwind no doubt... sad...emotional...wearing...draining... depressing huh?

the boys did great- got to spend loads of time with both sets up grandparents...4th of July happened in there somewhere and that was enjoyable with firecrackers and sparklers and loads of running around with the cousins...

some pictures of the adventure...

last pic of boys at old house... so big!  don't they look thrilled?

last family pic in front of old house... we look pretty good i think :)

it sure did...

our new 'basement' storage area... is it weird i know where everything is?

our lovely storage unit... jammed full!

garage poured... pretty cool...it seemed really big walking on it....

starting to frame it all in... stairs are right there...boys room is to the bottom right...

front view of framing starting... that wall is for the garage

yesterdays (7/14) status... you can see garage is almost framed completely, front door and then seth's bedroom windows (far right)... we also have the far kitchen wall (back left) and start of the living room with windows...pretty exciting

its been awesome to see the progress...i think the boys now are more excited to go see "the lot" every night to see the changes... they were getting kind of bored with dirt and concrete, but this "house shape" is pretty exciting to them... it's just amazing to see what the crews can accomplish in one day... between the 'front view' picture and this one above is just one day!

more to come... curt has been taking a picture from the same spot (out in the middle of the cul-d-sac) every single day...it'll be so cool to put that on a movie reel and 'watch' our house grow in slow motion!

mover and a shaker...

so we've definitely got a crawler on our hands now.  this is full on hands and knees crawling...an occasional belly flop crawl, but really that's only when we're tired...it's full ahead motion now...oh and not just forward motion, but upward motion as well...

soo in the duplex a week...we've decided to try the stairs

Curt hears Seth kind of wimpering... little louder than normal...goes to see he's made it up a second step...and can't quite figure out what to do now...

Then a few minutes later...we take Seth up to change a diaper and set him in his crib and he decides to stand up!  this kid was on fire on Sunday... no stopping him... he's such a cutie pie!

Needless to say we need to get the gate up and lower the crib... up and down and up and down:)

funny conversations

went to the pool sunday night...
Noah makes the comment "my hair is already dry Momma!"
I reply "cool buddy...nice when your hair is short and it dries so fast...mine is still wet..."

Mark quietly says "my head ate up all the wetness on my hair... it's in my brain now"...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

funny conversations

Mark comes home all smiles from school on his birthday ->
Mark: Momma wanna hear my birthday song?
Me: Sure!
Mark: This is your birthday song.  It isn't very long!

Sang this all night... thought he was so funny!

Later on... but still out of the blue...
I am laying on the couch watching my ever loved food network.  Noah comes over touches my foot.
Noah: Momma you know when you go to that toenail place?  They can remove that scratchy stuff.  (as he touches my heel).
Me: Oh yeah?  I know they can - I haven't gone in a while.
Noah: Can you have them do that to you?  Please.

Curt: It will just come back Noah...
Noah: (frowning) - Really? Why?

**if anyone has $30 to share I'll go get my little issue taken care of straight away...otherwise don't touch my heel?

Mark turns 4!

Oh my - another birthday happened.  4 years ago we had our little Mark and he's been our firecracker ever since!  Had a nice family birthday party at a park with a huge jungle gym for the kids to run around and play on... It was a nice breezy morning and not too hot.

Mark is so easy going for the most part - especially with food... he didn't mind that I suggested cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins for his party... what's not to love about breakfast food!

He had a great time - smiles all day... took a nice long nap afterward.

Tuesday was his actual birthday - we took him to his almost always requested place - T-Rex restaurant... such a funny kid - actually was a little anxious about the giant dinosaurs this time...maybe holding onto little kid stuff one more night?  He got himself a little stuffed animal (of course he did - 1) toy that's an animal - check, 2) toy that is stuffed which = soft, sleeping companion - check!... woolly mammoth... giant tusks...loves the darn thing...

4 Things That I Love About You -->
1. I know I tease you and it drives me crazy, but I do love that you get up every morning ready to start the day with a huge smile...ready to eat... ready to have a good time!
2. I love that you care about your animals...I know this will carry you in the future to be a nurturing individual in your own way.
3. I am surprised that you've started singing since attending your new pre-school... you have the sweetest voice.
4. I love your little funny faces... you are my expressionist and don't mind making a face to get me to laugh!

Oh Marky mark - your funky bunch sure does love you!