Wednesday, March 23, 2016

too funny not to write down...

The big boys have wanted, asked for, begged for a dog for a long time.  Probably too soon after Zorro's death even...  Anyway we were driving home last night from soccer practice and we were talking about getting one... and what we would name it.  I told them I'd want to get a girl dog - for the reason that I am surrounded by boys...might be nice to have another girl in the family...even if it's an animal.  The boys both like Violet, Hazel and Sugar.  Violet is their number one right now.  When we get home - Mark asks Curt what he'd like to name the dog.  Curt says "Jake!".  Mark looks at him, with seriousness and responds "from State Farm?"!!!!!  we all died laughing... even Mark caught himself and realized he'd made a joke!  so now we pretty much HAVE to get a girl dog or it's name will be "Jake from State Farm"...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

latest and greatest...

I think this blog has turned into a quarterly update.  I look at this thing every single day and read about other people's lives...there going's on...and I think that I really ought to put something down to keep track of what has been going on and then I get busy with work, with home life or just think "oh there's too much to write about".  

What's funny is if you looked at the pictures on my phone you'd see that I am doing a pretty good job at documenting what has been going on.  So maybe I should just post pictures and give little explanations... that might make me feel better about blogging.  

From where I left off last post (Christmas tree was up...) - the weeks were hard.  Curt was working PEAK and traveling which left me to do e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  I do mean it literally... referee, butler, chauffeur, chef, maid, banker, lawyer, negotiator, tutor, librarian, mom, cheerleader, coach, all of it.  I don't know how families do it when this is the norm.  This 'norm' about broke me.  I was so glad when Christmas Day came for the mere fact that it meant no more time away from Curt and schedules would go back to normal. But then... Christmas Day did come and it was hard also.  We had to visit both sides of the family that day.  Its just the way it worked out.  It was what was best for every one's schedules.  By the end of the night we were all over stimulated, tired, hungry, annoyed - you name it.  I am hoping/praying we don't have to try and swing both sides again...maybe when the boys are teenagers it would be OK?

My birthday came... Mark very earnestly asked "Mom are you 73?"... glad you know your numbers and know that is the number from what you are looking at, but goodness... do i look 73?  I hope when I'm 73 he is there and can ask me again, "Mom are you 37?".

For my birthday I asked for under cabinet lighting and lighting above the cabinets for ambiance...because that's how we roll at the Wilson house - it's all about 'how you feel'... bah!  It was relatively inexpensive thanks to Amazon/prime.  And because my husband is super handy especially with anything electronic it was merely a couple of weekend adventure.

The boys treated me well that day - I think this was my birthday where Seth was vacuuming.  'gotta start 'em young' - 'you're welcome future daughter-in-law!'.

Also for my birthday my folks got me gift cards & baskets so I could make our pantry look 'pretty'.  I know - 1st world problems, but it makes me feel good to walk into that room and know exactly where something is, how much of it I have and everything grouped together that needs to be.

Also in January we started a new program with the older boys - "Wilson Reading program" which really means "read your minutes through the week and I'll let you play your tablet uninterrupted all weekend!"  They are doing really well with it - some days are harder to encourage the minutes, but for the most part they love seeing on Friday that they've read all they need to and can enjoy the "commission" of tablet play.  As a side note, just so I don't think back and think that it was a complete free for all - we had to adjust the tablet rules to just one day / weekend because no one was listening or paying attention... go figure.  learn as you go though.

My best friend sent me a picture of her youngest.  She cut her own bangs.  Pretty short.  I did this to my sister when I was younger, although I don't think I stopped at the bangs.  I think it was all over chop.  Pretty funny.

One of my cousins is going to play college football for a division 1 program.  I guess he's "walking on", but I really believe in my heart that this kid will get to play and play a lot in the future.  He's got incredible determination.  

In early February we had some sickness going around - typical coughing / slight fever for the older two.  Then poor Seth got it awful.  Puking from a Monday night to a Friday morning.  He just could not keep anything down.  Finally got him eating again / drinking milk...then the following Tuesday he woke up screaming at the top of his consoling, no comfort.  He stayed home all day with Curt, but when I got home we ran to the Dr... good thing we did - poor guy had 2 ear infections.  After 10 days of the good ol' pink stuff we are back and raring to go!

he had just pooped and it literally knocked him energy after pooping...

Funny thing happened at Wal-mart...said no mom ever... it's not usually funny...but stressful, chaotic...but this was pretty funny.  Seth was walking around (instead of in the cart) and was loving every minute of it.  Suddenly he says "Mom!  Mom!  Poo Poo" and then just sits down on the makeup aisle floor.  He was serious.  I felt bad for the teenage girl walking through - trying to buy some new nail polish... free birth control in the make up aisle!  ha ha.

Next - took a day off in late February and went to hit golf balls.  I had never done this before.  Apparently I'm not half bad.  183 yards.  

And finally... I have made a quilt.  Yes - me...with a mother who hates to sew... not sure where I get it...maybe it skipped a generation?  But yes a full King size - quilted quilt.  It's lovely.  I am pretty proud of it.  My mother in law who helped me exponentially with it is pretty proud too...

and for all the mother's out there - saw this...laughed and thought of us all at some point.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

catch up...

helloooo...  i hope one day the boys read these posts and laugh at my words...laugh at how long it takes me to post something of importance (to me)....  maybe one day i'll turn it into a book?

  • halloween - almost 2 full months ago!
    • we had a great time - bit of a neighborhood block party was had due to halloween, Royals in the World Series and of course candy/adult was a pretty great time.  lots of kids running around - new neighbors / old neighbors meeting up, adding each other to facebook friends list, phone numbers for texting later :)  kind of neat really :)
    • here were the boys - we had "Toothless" from How to Train Your Dragon (Mark); "a green dragon" (handmedown - poor kid - thirdbornproblems, Seth) and of course "Batman" (Noah).

They had a great time - not too much candy either!
  • Seth's Birthday - wondered if I should give him his own post, but I am going to cram all of this together anyway... he won't mind:)
    • We were all recovering from barf-o-rama 2015 during his real birthday crisp was all i could muster, but no one complained...and everyone kept it down ;)

    • We tried again with the rest of the family a couple of weeks later...

    • My mom made the cake - it was pretty amazing!  he loves LOVES LOVES trucks - like in order of importance in his world - its Dada, PAPA, PAPA's truck, and trucks...and dogs... dogs are always sprinkled in there in between.

    • Not sure what is up with the 'squinting', but he's been doing this lately when we say "smile" or "cheese"... pretty darn cute!

  • On to Thanksgiving...
    • no pictures...lame to the l.a.m.e.  we were there - my brother - my parents...the boys (all of them) ate about a million crescent rolls... i took a huge nap... football, etc...

  • Christmas decorating - ha!
    • so we're trying one.more.year. with the almighty tree...the darn thing still is dying... 

1st light up:
l - to - the - a - to - the - m - to - the - e...sheesh

2nd lighting:

pretty excited!

  • Last but not least... 
    • helping with Noah's basketball team... assistant coach sort of... it's so awesome...the boys are crazy...8yrs old...don't pay attention longer than 2seconds... bounce the balls all over the place, but it's so fun... way more fun than soccer coaching... maybe because i know how to play basketball...LOL

so bossy!

  • and tis the reason for the season!  

Monday, September 28, 2015

the big # 8

We got to celebrate Noah's 8th birthday the day before the actual day, but it was a long weekend so I don't think anyone minded - especially him!

This kid I tell ya is the easiest kid ever - easy to please, easy to get going, just a good go with the flow kind of guy!

He made my job super easy - "Momma let's have spaghetti for my birthday!  With bread and salad!" yeah - super easy - noodles and sauce and warm bread and Costco salad... so easy!

I love this boy so much...
1. I think he tries most days to make someone laugh...usually it's me, but no complaints here.
2. He is getting so tall.  He's almost to my shoulder... at 8... I'm 5' 8" that makes him almost 5ft right?
3. He still loves playing with his little brothers.  No matter how old he's getting he still likes getting down and pushing the trucks/trains around and fighting with stuffed animals and riding bikes in the cul-d-sac.
4. He is a great eater - he will try almost anything - including pesto (green stuff!) and said he actually likes it.
5. He's a great sleeper - this kid has reached the age of sleeping in... it's lovely for this momma...I can't wait until all his brothers are in the group.
6. He is so eager to learn and questions everything - how does that work, why did you do it that way, what about this way?
7.  School is easy for him... sure he gets into trouble occasionally for being off task or goofing around, but the actual school work is a breeze for him - he knows how to read, knows his math fundamentals...
8. He's still a momma's boy - I think he probably always will be.  He likes to be comforted and hugged and still cuddle on the couch with me...

Happy 8th birthday big guy!  We sure do love you!

that was the birthday boy's finger swipe!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1st day of school

We did it!  We had the 1st day of school and everyone was super excited and happy and relieved and ready to go back for a second day!

I was emotional, obviously, my second son was off to school.  It felt "real" like all the other stuff he's been doing has just been pretend or fake.  School seems to make it "real"...everything - going to bed early / sleeping well / getting up in the morning / getting dressed / eating breakfast - there is a purpose now - have to have energy and ability to focus on learning and oh my goodness the volume of that word "learning"... its enormous.

I feel like with Mark it's all new - new process, new format, new rules, new friends, new expectations...  he is a good "new" person - i think he likes new stuff.  new shoes, new lunch box, new path to school...he is non-judgmental so anything different is just that 'different'... he will accept the different and usually embrace it.

With Noah its intensity this year.  He knows the rules, he knows his responsibility, he knows the expectations of going to school.  Everything is just more intense.  And i do not mean intense in a bad connotation.  No more excuses anymore - you've been in school for 2 years now - this is your 3rd year in this format - you should 'just know' how to exist there and with that knowing we are going to expect/demand MORE from you... i think he will do fine, great...he is a people - pleaser like his momma so i do think he will rise to the challenge.

It should be an interesting year.  Noah will have homework - starting on Monday - 2 sheets of language arts and 2 sheets of math - his teacher flat out said "math program is intense - if you need help, please let me know"...i'm wondering to myself - how hard could it be - i "got" the stuff last year - it made sense to fact i thought how would my education have been different had i been taught like this - maybe i would have done ever better...this core curriculum made sense to me... and a lot of folks it does not.

Mark's homework starts in September - the teacher said "its not required" is that even a possibility?  How can we expect our kids to know / do better when there is no practice at home...I do believe after having Noah in school and going through "homework in the evenings" that it does make the kids smarter / better equipped to have their parents 'do it with them'... it will be 'required' for Mark in our house.  We will make the time.  We will make the effort.  The expectation is that this is what is required.  And we will see...

First day pictures were amazing - I thought the light looked great and the boys looked awesome in their new clothes/shoes in front of our amazing home.