Friday, March 28, 2014

career day and a cutie

Today is career day at Noah's school.  All week they've been talking about jobs and careers and what that means (getting up and dressed, working all day, how some jobs are very busy everyday and others are not...) I can just imagine what they talk about and what they say their parents "do all day"... 'my mom talks on a cool phone with her computer and has an awesome headset"...yep that's what i do all day.

So for his career choice - he decided he wanted to be a cowboy... thank goodness for amazon prime for mother's who don't plan as well as they should... got two cowboy hats ordered on Wednesday and at my door Thursday (only $3.99 extra)... granted they were at U.S. toy - i totally could've gone there myself and got them, but would have been more than $3.99 in gas to get over there... PLUS how do you deny a kid getting something in the mail...the joy that brings ha!  We had to buy two...of course we did...

And because I can't leave him little helper today...knows tons about MAN rings and setting up topologies for traffic on a WAN... he's a smartypants!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


we are moving... really moving... only time will tell to see how soon he crawls...


Monday, March 24, 2014

Wilson Spring Break 2014 - Days 4 & 5

Well day 4 was boring... for me i guess... i cleaned the house... the boys went with Curt to drop off the taxes and visit their great grandparents in Ottawa...i guess they did have a good time - got to play with tons of toys and great gma even gave mark a dinosaur... he gave her a huge hug and thanked her and it about made her fall over with happiness...  so that was good:)

Day 5 was all about March Madness - our Jayhawks played...we had some friends over so that made it fun for the boys - they played in the bounce house (outside --> best money ever spent!) for like 3 hours...and then brought it inside and played with legos...ahh legos - the universal toy that anyone can play with...

I think overall the boys (including Curt) had a great break... Curt grew a nice long vacation beard that I was happy to see go Sunday morning, Noah lost a pesky tooth...Mark gained a few more animal toys... and I know they had a ton of fun being together - doing 'guy stuff'...doing it 'daddy's way'...not taking naps, eating donuts for breakfast every morning (i kind of joke, but not really)...and staying up late... which really is what breaks are for right - having tons of fun and taking it easy...letting loose... going with the flow...

this morning (1st day back) wasn't too traumatic... only a little bit of whining...which could be any day not just the 1st day back...  ready to finish off this school year with a bang... come on summer vacation!

i think Curt told them they had to share the donuts... haha!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wilson Spring Break 2014 - Day 3

Day 3 - Cosmic Jump!

You know you have a good husband when he comes up with fun, exciting ideas for the kids to do on their Spring Break.  I never would have thought of this.  I only came up with the aquarium.  boring, learn something, aquarium... but leave it to Curt to come up with the awesomely-fun stuff...

Most of the pictures are blurry...hard to get a good one when they are jumping, mid-jump and or running... but looked like they had an awesome time!

Oh and because we are boys and can't seem to do anything without punching, fighting, horsing around...we now have one less tooth.  Yeah no big deal really - it was loose anyway, but he said it did hurt a bit...probably wasn't that ready to come out.  Oh well - tooth fairy comes on Spring Break too...

Wilson Spring Break 2014 - day 2

Day 2 - went to see the Lego movie and lunch with Mom...

Movie was great - the boys both love, love, love Legos... could play for hours making cars, trucks, boats, guns (of course) with them.  I'm glad because I so enjoyed them as a kid - it's nice to see toys that last through the years.

Once again they were both tired - well all three actually - Curt is enjoying this time off!

After the movie they came and took me to lunch...Firehouse - one of my faves!

I wanted to get a picture - smiling - enjoying lunch.  Of course Mark needed like 5 to get it accomplished.  He really is my child.  If you look at pictures of me (even now as an adult) I'm usually the one doing something silly (bunny ears, waving my hands or legs)... no wonder huh?

Noah my little poser only needed one (but I took three cuz he's so darn cute)- and Curt he's such a trooper :)