Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Mark has a new nickname... 'hopscotch'...not sure why/where i came up with it... but he seems to like it...
isn't he cute in his 'hand-me-down' ups sweatshirt... go brown... !

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a crazy, but fun Easter weekend.
Saturday we went down to the Wilson side and had the annual Easter egg hunt in the backyard...every year the eggs grow, the prizes are grander and the excitement increases!

We had a lovely dinner with brisket, macaroni and cheese and cupcakes.  All three boys had a wonderful time playing with cousins, 2nd cousins and extended family.

Sunday we had the Flynn side over to our house.  We had a brunch theme and it was so good if I do say so myself.  Lots of fun sides (muffins, fruit salad, hot cross buns!).

The boys played and played - both little and big!  Photos and video to remember the wonderful day!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Seth's big boy hair cut

Can't leave the little one out of the ol' blog posts.  Gave him his first big boy hair cut and in the Wilson family it means using the clippers... guard 7 on this little guy... turned out great if i do say so myself!

Noah's Fun February

Noah had a great February...  First there was the Pinewood Derby put on by the Cub Scouts in the area.  He had a blast helping Curt put the car together, painting it with family friends and also racing it.  He actually won two trophies that day, 2nd in his Pack and 3rd overall (all packs included).  He thought he was hot stuff for sure.  Mark got to put together a car with the other half of Noah's wood plank.  He also raced that day, but we weren't there to watch...he was more worried about getting the car back so he could play.  ha!

Also Noah had a school program (3 of a Kind) - it was pretty cute - songs and a little story.  I think some of it was wearing on the kids as they had been practicing for some time - some of them looked bored and sick of singing the songs... Both grandparents made it and I think it was nice for them.  Mark had a blast - I swear the boys love to LIVE music...he was enthralled with the show!

January, February and a mouse... eek!

Oh my, oh my... a mouse in the house...sure why not start with the crazy stuff right?  One Saturday, the boys were downstairs playing in their room; he comes up yelling, "I think there's a squirrel in the window!"... of course I freak out.  Curt is calm of course.  Mark is squealing with delight hoping we get to keep it!  We head downstairs - All of us... and what did we find, but a field mouse... one who had been living high on the hog I might add.

Well of course Curt decides to save the mouse, not sure if it's because Mark was so excited to have an actual animal near the house or if he just didn't want to kill it in front of the boys... he gets a box, gloves and climbs down into the window well and gets him.  We all walk across the street to the open field and let him go... and of course the little turd starts running back towards the house!  I scream at it and try to get it turned around...and I did... thank goodness.  Curt decides to check the other well...and the mouse's buddy didn't do as well... hard as a rock, stiff as a board... I was done for the day... too much veterinary work for me for one day.

Not sure if the next bit was before or after this, but we have a peanut allergy in the house... yep Seth is allergic to peanuts...had him officially tested in February... so we will be free o' peanuts until we get him re-tested at 3yrs...  so far it hasn't been too terrible...

Noah played basketball this year - and fell in love with it.  He was pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  He was getting dribbling down and loved to shoot the ball...I think we will definitely have him play again.

And the biggest news of all...Curt got a promotion...pretty big promotion... pretty significant change to schedule, but we are all adjusting and managing... all part of the bigger plan.  We all got to go out and celebrate on the company...had fun with pasta and meatballs!