Tuesday, October 11, 2016

new label - description finally fits!

well well well... we did it... we finally made the description of this blog - true again.

'the life and times (crazy or otherwise) of a gal, with a family, a dog & the American dream...here goes nothing'...

yep - we got a dog!  a puppy really.  9wk puppy.  she might as well be a newborn they way we watch her, dote on her, freak out if she starts sniffing to go potty... and the whimpering at night... poor thing.  i'll be glad when she is comfortable and happy in her kennel... and knows its her safe place.

but we are all in love with her - heck the whole neighborhood loves her... all the kids love to see her and pet her, talk to her... she's spoiled with attention right now :)

her first night...boys were so so so excited!

having fun with her new toys!

Noah felt like it was a dream come true!

such a sweet girl!

She really is such a pretty girl - love the little white patch on her chest!

She got to go on her first field trip yesterday (monday) and had fun at the park with Curt and the boys!

chilling with dad!

and my little turkey having fun on the rocks!  'i'm king daddy!'

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Noah turns 9!

Noah had a pretty good birthday!  Long weekend, lots of family time, plenty of entertainment!

9 years ago seems like forever ago... i was a different person... different mom... 

it's almost the same amount of time to pay off a school loan... or paying off two cars... 

Nine things I love about you Noah:

1. Still tries most days to make someone laugh...usually it's me, but no complaints here.
2. He is becoming a young man in physical appearance.  He's tall, and loves to dress like it... jeans, belt, nice shoes, tuck in a shirt.
3. He still loves playing with his little brothers.  Mark I think will always be closest to him...for a long time it's been the two of them together, playing tablets, running outside with the buddies of the neighborhood...they are the best of friends and can fight and make up with minimal effort.
4. He is wanting to help more in the cooking department - likes making and is really good at eggs!  
5. He is finding more things aside from "playing" that he's interested in...such as music and learning lyrics and singing out loud.  He wants to know the group's name or who wrote the lyrics.  He likes to be in control of the radio and helps me pick out fun upbeat songs to listen to in the car.
6. He still doesn't like being the center of attention... he loves a supportive role and is really good at it - guiding his brothers and friends in a subtle way.
7.  He is becoming more vast in his subject matter while reading...it's not just make believe / fiction that he's interested in... he chooses all kinds of non-fiction books to learn how and why.
8. He's still a momma's boy - He still needs hugs and me touching him even if it's just his hand or his foot...
9.  He is learning how to deal with and handle his emotions and how he feels inside about things when they are difficult.  Trusting himself and knowing that he can make the right decision.

You are a joy to me - every day... no matter the day...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mark turns 6!

Another year.  Another year to grow and mature and become more of who you are...  You are growing and changing each day - it's been an interesting year Mark Curtis... Kindergarten, learning to read, maturing your relationships, responsibility.

Six things I love about you:

1. You are becoming more patient with your words and understanding of others.
2. You are so easy going, even for your birthday dinner you didn't mind where we went or what we did - simply to pick out some Pokemon cards and you were over the moon!
3. You are still so willing to try new things... mom's new meals, la croix water...
4. Still our family comedian... 'jake from state farm!?'
5. The love you have for each of your brothers... the interest and eagerness to learn from Noah and the patience and goofiness you bring to play with Seth - you really are a match for them being in the middle.
6. Marky-morning hugs (your dad loves these too...)

We had two parties in one day - 1st was a 'friend party' at Cosmic Jump - loads of trampolines!  You bounced for almost 2 hours straight!  The second party was with family and again you wanted simple spaghetti, cup cakes and some friends to play with...

Such a sweet smile!

Your typical face when everyone was singing to you!


Make it a good one!



Scout Camp 2016

3rd week of June was a HOT one - it was a long week.  Curt took the whole week off to take the big boys to Scout camp.   Middle of no where fields with grass and limited trees and loads of little boys running around, sweating, whining, spraying water bottles and having so.much.fun!

This post will be all pictures.  No other way to describe the week.

Sling shots!  First day no less!

Noah aim and fire!

It was hot, this was their make-shift shade!

BB guns!!

Look at that bullseye!!

Noah shooting BB guns!

Bullseye for him too!

Last day... so hot, so tired, but filled to brim with happiness that they all went!

Monday, May 9, 2016

First Communion, Mother's Day and the Tooth Fairy Strikes Again!

What a whirlwind week!  All year we've been working with Noah to complete his studies so that he could receive his first communion.  It was a long year.  Every Sunday had he had to get up early and go to an hour class to learn about God, Jesus and the reasons we do the things we do in Mass each week.  It was good for him.  It was good for me.  I have such a sense of pride for him because he really never complained about going - it was more getting up out of bed, but once we were up and going he was happy and excited to go to church.  I think it helps to have friends also going through the process.

Thursday was the big day - they had 86 kids (both 2nd and some 3rd graders) to receive communion.  It was a great evening filled with lots of love from the congregation and family supporters.  I really felt like the teachers were thrilled for these little kids and the achievement they had made.  You could see their pride when they walked in after the kids procession.

He was so excited to wear his new clothes - the tie, the belt, the new shoes that were like his dad's.  I think he asked me three times throughout the week "Mom are you going to iron my shirt?"... I finally told him yes, but that he was going to help and learn himself.  It was fun watching him try not to burn himself or his shirt.  And it was super cute and somewhat overwhelming as a mother to watch Curt tie Noah's tie for him.  All the emotions with that scene.

During the week - poor Mark was feeling like a truck had hit him.  He's such a tough kid and tries really hard to just push through - this kid has such high resolve to just keep going.  Wednesday I got called to finally come get him - fever of 101.00.  We tried to take him to the Dr that afternoon, but unfortunately he threw up in the car so we just went home.  Finally Friday we got an appointment and found out he has Mono and Strep.  The mono was a shock - frankly I usually just assume we're going to have ear infections + antibiotics and move along.  The mono was textbook - so much so that the Dr. brought in the nurses (all three of them) and showed them what to look for on Mark = flushed cheeks, lethargic, enlarged lymph nodes, enlarged spleen  and liver -- apparently you should't be able to "feel the spleen"... so this was the trigger + white pus on his tonsils.  Mark thought he was hot stuff showing everyone his symptoms... even to the point of telling the nurses they could feel his "spuh-uleen, but please don't tickle me"...!   Because of the + test on strep we got a different type of antibiotics - one that you need to take 3x / day... he also said usually kids can kick the mono virus in 8-10 days... unlike teens and adults that take months to recover.  I guess one more perk of being little and super fast metabolism.  I am just praying that no one else in the family gets this mess.

Mother's day was Sunday - a nice quiet, rainy day - full of a great brunch and nap in the afternoon!  And this little turkey lost his first tooth!  Back to the toughness in this kid - we were driving up to eat breakfast and mentions nonchalantly "hey mom I have a loose tooth!"  I think well okay...we've got a few weeks to get this thing wiggled out...  Nope.  Right as breakfast came - he grabbed it with his little fingers and pulled it out - right at the table!  No pain.  The kid amazes me.

These three - they drive me crazy - a lot of the time.  I am in constant wonder if I do anything right, say anything with enough love and kindness and compassion -- if they get that my yelling isn't really at them, but at my own internal frustration... this motherhood thing is hard - i know a lot of people say that - like all the time - this is hard, hard, hard.  What I find interesting is though - they say those words, but then right after - maybe within the next sentence they say "I wouldn't trade it for anything!"... how many things in your life would you say that about?  It's hard, but I love it.  Would it mean something different if you said "I love it, but it's hard"...say the + first instead of the negative?

I love each of these little guys so intently, so differently, so vastly.