Saturday, October 18, 2014

Povitica with # 3

Every year my parents continue the tradition of making authentic Povitica that my grandparents made...traditional nut bread that is just amazing and I know I've said before "isn't a real holiday without it present"...

They made some one Thursday and Seth happened to be there also to "help"... he had a ball apparently with my dad's clamps that hold the fabric down on the table... tooling around under the table...

Flag Football

We started flag football in October - Noah has played in a 3-4 games and so far is loving it.  The boys seem to be catching on to rules and "plays" and are having a good time.  Honestly the roughest thing has been to get our cleats on before practices and games, but we are working on it... ;)

so excited for the first game!

look how tough!  give it 10yrs and we'll see if this is any different when in high school?

he's just to the left of the ref... getting ready for defense!

Wilson Dream Home - update

there have been so many changes to the Wilson Dream Home since I last posted.  Practically everything is complete... All inside paint is done, all stone work and tile are done.  All cabinets are set / painted / doors put back on.  We are waiting on some final drawers/doors to be painted for the kitchen, the hardwood floors to be put in and carpet on living room floor and stairs.  All lighting is ready to be installed, the finishing up of the light switches and electrical outlets...the faucets can be installed as all granite is installed and looks amazing...!

Its really coming along and surprisingly close to be completely done!  I don't know what we are going to do with ourselves in the evenings when we "don't have a house to go look at and check on"...might just have to find another activity...'unpack'...!

Gone Fishin'

My parents got Noah a fishing pole (and who are we kidding...Mark got one too just because he's cute and has to have something to do with his brother - that's why gma's and gpa's are amazing!) for his birthday.  My parents wanted to take both boys fishing so they could try out their new gear.

We went to Wal-mart and with Noah's birthday money he bought himself a tackle box to put all of his new lures / hooks / etc in and was so excited to see it all organized.

We went to Shawnee Mission Park Lake - it was a nice afternoon, warm, but not too hot that is was torture to sit and relax.  Both boys really enjoyed it.  Mark surprisingly sat very still on the rocks with my dad and did exactly what he told him... I think we found something Mark will enjoy for years to come...  We didn't catch anything...shoot I don't think we even saw anything in the water, but I know the boys are ready to go again soon.

Noah's Golden Birthday

Noah had his 7th birthday... on the 7th of's the middle of October... better late than never right?  I should re-title the blog "better-late-than-never-blog..."

It was an awesome day.  Sunny, cool, still warm enough for shorts.  We had his party at a local park - because 1) it's huge and outside and I didn't have to clean my house or cram people inside, 2) we do easy food (cinnamon rolls, juice, etc) so very easy clean up... throw away pans anyone? and 3) a giant playground that entertains all the kids for the entire time... it's a win-win for all!

Oh Noah I know I write this every year, but how are you this old already?  I mean what happend... you are no longer in a car seat, but a booster... tying shoes is no big deal... you get up / get dressed / get your butt to school with little to no are the sweetest to your little brothers and to you dad and I...always giving hugs and telling everyone that you love them.  I am so proud of you...I KNOW I say that every year, but I am.

Seven things I love about you:
1. your smile... losing teeth doesn't cause you to have any less of a beautiful smile!
2. you are so silly with your brothers and LOVE hearing them laugh at you!
3. you are STILL willing to try / sports / meeting new people / going to new places.
4. you still like when I pick out your clothes... you love to look nice and show off your style.
5. you are becoming an amazing reader; the words and sentences you can read without hesitation astounds me and makes me so happy you enjoy such a great activity.
6. you are willing to help... help if and when i ask... the "chores" don't seem so much like chores to you as you see the cause/effect it can have on people when you help.
7. even at still love to be tucked in at night... hope that lasts a little while longer :)

love you peanut.